MDUSD’s Celebration of Success – Adonis Garcia

When you see Adonis Garcia, he is usually smiling.

His smile is bright, vibrant and contagious! He works hard and is a responsible and dependable student. He makes the challenges and struggles he overcomes daily look easy because of his joy for being at school. Adonis spreads his joy as he moves to and from recess, to music, to P.E., and lunch. He is well liked by students and teachers. He is a very good student and a hard worker. He has a maturity far beyond his grade and age.

MDUSD Superintendent, Dr. Adam Clark and Adonis Garcia

Adonis is always ready to lend assistance to adults and peers alike. Teachers at Silverwood have said that even when he was as young as 4 years-old, Adonis has been very inclusive of other children. He has always cared for other children by making sure no one was left out. These characteristics and strengths that Adonis embodies are inspiring to adults and children alike. We are so fortunate to have Adonis at Silverwood. He is one of our Skyhawks that soars high everyday and raises others up with him. 

It is for these reasons that Adonis was our school’s top selection as MDUSD’s Celebration of Success recipient, where Superintendent Dr. Clark presented Adonis with a medal and certificate. 

Congrats Adonis!