PTA Board Opening – Treasurer 2023-2024

The PTA Nominating Committee is looking for our next PTA Treasurer for this upcoming school year of 2023-2024. Our current Treasurer will still be part of the PTA for another year until her student graduates.

This Board position plays an integral part of running of the PTA and allows us to run smoothly.

We need someone that is financially savvy or willing to learn (the Treasurer will be responsible for PTA tax filings, permits, insurance, and etc.), has flexibility and availability to collect and count monies from events/fundraisers, and have a sense of humor!

If you or a fellow Skyhawk community member is interested in learning more, please email Tish at

100th day of school – January 26th!

Great news, Skyhawks, we made it to day 100!!

Our 100th day of school is on Thursday, January 26th, 2023. Students can celebrate the 100th day of school by dressing up like the Roaring 20’s, or a futuristic humanoid from the year 2123 or like a Centenarian (someone that is 100 year old or older).

A 100 years ago:

  • The first US airship makes its first flight.
  • Roy and Walt Disney founded The Walt Disney Company.
  • The first game at Yankee Stadium, also known as “The House That Ruth Built,” was played in New York City.
  • The Hollywood Sign was inaugurated in California (initially reading Hollywoodland).
  • Warren G. Harding was president of the United States.

A 100 years in the future:

  • ​Who know?! We would LOVE to see where your dreams, creativity, and ideas for the future take you!

Post them in our Facebook group to show off their look or tag us on IG! We cannot wait to see!

#skyhawks100dayssmarter #100daysofschool

PTA Book Drive

Our PTA is collecting donated children’s books from Silverwood families and friends that are in good to great condition the week of January 23 through January 27. There is a book drop in the school office. Books donated to Silverwood will be added to our school library and classroom libraries, or used for a future book swap PTA is organizing as part of Family Reading Night on February 8, 2023, at 6:00 PM.

Upcoming PTA events

Below is a list of upcoming PTA sponsored events that you and your students can look forward to in the next couple of months.

A flyer will be sent home with your student, so you can have it in hand and look at to see what we have going on at Silverwood!

If you are interested in helping with the planning, execution, or support to any of these events, please contact Melinda, our PTA President, at

Thank you!