January 2022 PTA Meeting

We’re back from the Holiday Break and I must say… there’s a lot to process with the Omicron spike.  I continue to be immensely grateful for the guidance at our school, and our teachers helping our children navigate the pandemic.  We have secured a Zoom link for those that don’t feel comfortable attending in person.  

Here is the Zoom address for tonight’s meeting. https://mdusd.zoom.us/j/89026333764?pwd=eis3UERLeElZWU4xWlFxQ0s1dk9mZz09

Topics that are planned to be discussed:

Treasurer’s Report

Check Review and approval

Principal’s Message (Burns)

Parent education & feedback survey (Elizabeth Swanson)

Teacher Requests (Katy)

SpiritWear (Mary)

Readers are Winners, RAW (Zinzelle/Gina)

Currently Running Events
Dine and Donate (Tish)

Upcoming Events
Otis Cookies (Audrey)
Spring Carnival (Melinda/Linda)

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