The Silverwood Garden is growing!

The Silverwood Garden is growing! The lovely vegetable garden that was started by Mrs. Gold a couple years ago will be expanding into an outdoor garden classroom. The Growing Healthy Kids Program, formerly known as MDUSD Garden Education Program, is now growing at Silverwood. 

Jen Roberts, former Silverwood Parent Alumni, will be leading Outdoor Science classes in the garden.  All grades will be participating, and will be following the Next Generation Science Standards. The children will be observing, evaluating, defining problems, and finding solutions, all in an outdoor classroom.  

They will learn how plants grow, how to compost, sampling delicious healthy foods, and hopefully getting their hands a little dirty in the process!

The program is generously funded by a grant, and our wonderful PTA. Although growing a garden this size takes a lot! Donations of dirt, compost, lumber, tools, plants, plants, and more plants would be greatly appreciated! There is a bin in front of the office to drop gently used or purchased items.  If you have bigger items or questions, please email Jen at

And please donate to the donors choose, link below. The garden needs a shed to store all the supplies and materials for the classroom and garden. 

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